Is Invisalign for adults? You bet it is! The remarkable teeth straightening technology has improved more than 9 million smiles, and only 1.4 million of those are teens. This means millions of adults just like you have transformed their smiles with Invisalign.

Everything You Should Know About Invisalign for Adults

Why should I get Invisalign as an adult?

Having straight teeth can improve a smile at any age, but many adults would feel embarrassed about the metal brackets and wires visible with traditional braces. Invisalign involves wearing a series of clear acrylic trays that apply constant, gentle pressure to straighten your teeth. These trays are not only effective but are very discreet; you can also take them out when you need to.

How will you start my treatment plan?

The smile professionals at Sunrise Orthodontics will start your treatment plan by taking a smile scan that captures a 3D image of your teeth. Next, we use proprietary software to create a roadmap to your new smile. Finally, we can show you your new smile – before you even begin treatment!

How long will my treatment last?

You have a unique smile, and your teeth straightening needs may be slightly different too. The duration of treatment depends on how much straightening your teeth will need. Some people can achieve their dream smile in as little as six months, while it may take others as long as 18 months to get that perfect grin. You can ensure the shortest treatment possible by wearing your Invisalign as directed.

How much will my Invisalign clear aligners cost?

Invisalign is similar in cost to traditional braces but provides several advantages over conventional braces’ metal brackets and wires. The cost varies according to how much straightening your teeth will need, your location, and your orthodontist’s experience in Invisalign.

Is it possible to switch from braces to Invisalign?

Switching from braces to Invisalign is possible in some cases, but not in others. You may be able to switch to Invisalign if your teeth need to move only a little bit to achieve your goals. Switching may be the right choice if you are having a hard time adjusting to traditional braces. Making the switch may end up costing more, so it is always a good idea to talk with your orthodontist about trading out your braces for Invisalign.

How do I sanitize Invisalign?

In addition to rinsing your Invisalign trays with water every night, you can brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush. Invisalign also offers Steraligner, an effective and convenient aligner cleaning system to sanitize your Invisalign trays.

Is Invisalign uncomfortable?

Any orthodontic treatment causes a little discomfort, as it takes a bit of pressure to move teeth. Made from smooth acrylic, Invisalign is much more comfortable than traditional metal brackets and wires.

Benefits of Invisalign

Invisalign provides a wide variety of benefits for creating the perfect smile, especially for adults. In fact, you will wonder why you didn’t consider Invisalign with Sunrise Orthodontics sooner!

No unsightly brackets or braces

Many adults avoid getting braces because of the unsightly brackets or braces. Made from clear acrylic, Invisalign is almost invisible so that you can smile with confidence throughout your treatment.

Easy to remove for events

Unlike braces that only an orthodontist can remove at the end of treatment, Invisalign is removable. This means you can take out Invisalign for important events, such as job interviews, important meetings with the boss, dates, and family gatherings.

More comfortable

The smooth acrylic trays are much more comfortable to wear than brackets and wires that can catch on your lips and the insides of your cheeks.

No discoloration

Because wires and brackets are difficult to clean around, traditional braces can cause plaque, leading to discoloration on your teeth. Invisalign makes it easy to keep your teeth clean: simply remove Invisalign, then brush and floss as you normally would.

More convenient

Invisalign is extremely easy and convenient to use – simply slip them over your teeth and go about your busy day. You never have to struggle with tiny rubber bands or use special brushes to clean the nooks and crannies between your braces. You don’t even have to change your diet or suffer through soft foods; just remove your Invisalign trays before eating or drinking. Fewer office visits are required for Invisalign than for traditional braces, too; you’ll see your orthodontist for Invisalign once every six to eight weeks instead of going in every four to six weeks to have your braces adjusted. What a time saver!