Did you know that while orthodontic treatment focuses on straightening your teeth, it can improve your whole body’s health? Many of the orthodontic treatments at Sunrise Orthodontics including straightening and spacing your teeth, positioning your jaw, and improving your bite patterns can improve your self-confidence, breathing, chewing, and speaking. Children and adults find that they feel better after treatment. At Sunrise Orthodontics, we work hard to improve your life through our orthodontic treatments.

Common Orthodontic Issues

While each patient’s treatment is personalized, there are many common orthodontic issues that people can have. If you have any questions about starting or continuing treatment at Sunrise Orthodontics, please contact us, and we will be happy to answer them.


What is an overbite? If your upper front teeth extend too far over your lower front teeth, that is called an overbite. Depending on the severity of your overbite, your lower teeth may bite into the roof of your mouth, and you may have a “gummy” smile, protruding lips, or excessive wear on your incisors.


What is an underbite? If your lower front teeth extend too far forward in comparison to your upper front teeth, that is called an underbite. In some patients, the lower teeth can sit completely in front of the upper teeth.

Open Bite

What is an open bite? If you have problems chewing, and your upper and lower front teeth don’t overlap, that is called an open bite. Having an open bite can result in some bad habits including tongue thrusting or thumb sucking. We recommend that you contact us as early as possible for evaluation and treatment to correct an open bite. We can evaluate your open bite and discuss with you how quickly to start treatment to correct it.


What is a crossbite? If your upper teeth sit inside your lower teeth, and you need to move your lower jaw forward or to the side to close your mouth completely, that is called a crossbite. A crossbite can result in damage to your teeth or misalignment of your jaws. Misaligned jaws often cause improper use of your jaws and can cause facial asymmetry.

Upper Front Teeth Protrusion

What does “upper front teeth protrusion” mean? The term “upper front teeth protrusion” indicates that your upper teeth extend too far forward or your lower teeth don’t extend forward enough. Upper front teeth protrusion can affect your appearance, and it also can impact the function of your teeth.

Dental Midlines Not Matched

What does “dental midlines not matched” mean? This term indicates that your back bite doesn’t fit or match properly on the upper and lower teeth. Dental midlines not matching can impact your jaw and teeth’s function.


What is crowding? Crowding indicates that your teeth don’t have enough room to grow properly in the gums; they are too close together. Crowding is the most common reason that people get braces. While crowding may not look attractive, that isn’t the most important reason for correcting crowded teeth. Crowding is linked to periodontal issues and tooth decay, because cleaning overlapping teeth is very difficult.

Straight Teeth

Do you want straight teeth? Wanting straight teeth is another common reason people seek orthodontic treatment. If you want to improve the spacing and alignment of your teeth, you are not alone. Orthodontic treatment can improve your teeth’s function and appearance while giving you more confidence every day.

Creating a Smile

Do you want to smile more? Often people refrain from smiling because they don’t like how their smile looks. Sunrise Orthodontics can give you the beautiful smile you are looking for, and one that you will love to share with others.

Smile Arch

What is a smile arch? It is simply the arch of your jawline and teeth. A good smile arch not only looks attractive but can improve the function of your jaws and teeth. When your teeth are spaced out evenly and your jaw is positioned and moving properly, you will feel better and look better. Improving your smile arch can literally change your life.