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We recognize that all our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice.

We are pleased to welcome you and your family, and we look forward to working with you.


Regional Business Manager / Human Resources

Erica Regional Business Manager / Human Resources

I was given the opportunity to join Dr. Sanders’s team in 2012. I started out as a scheduling coordinator, transitioned into the role of insurance coordinator, and from there to office manager of all of our locations. In 2020 I made the transition into the role of managing the business and personnel on a larger scale. It’s been such a privilege to experience this growth in our team over the years! While you may not see me at every visit anymore, I’m still deeply committed to making sure our team makes everyone’s experience in our office positive and enjoyable. Our patients are like family and it's so fun to watch them grow and change throughout their treatment. It is truly a privilege to work with talented professionals who like to make a difference in our patients’ lives as much as I do. Dr. Sanders is truly a compassionate individual and values me for the contributions I make to our team, which makes all the difference to me. He exceeds expectations as a boss, a doctor (I was a patient myself), and overall, as a really great individual. Outside of the office you can find me traveling abroad; Cape Town, South Africa has become my second home and is where I met my husband. I am also very passionate about fostering my creative side. I love to paint, design, and you can likely find me doing freelance photography on the weekend.


Rancho Cordova Office Manager

Chelsea Rancho Cordova Office Manager

Aloha! I’m Chelsea! I joined Dr. Sanders team in 2015 and started out as the financial coordinator. Now, as the manager of our central office in Rancho Cordova I get to help the team in all areas of our daily operations. I’m still involved in helping with financial plans and insurance, but my primary focus is to help our team succeed in making your visit with us the best it can be. I really enjoy catching up with our patients whenever I can and seeing their smiles progress. I may even try to persuade you to feature that beautiful smile on our social media from time to time! You worked hard for it and It deserves to shine! Outside of work, my favorite place to be is around the dinner table spending time with friends and family or serving the youth in my church! I love traveling, arts and crafts time, being in the water, and all things SacTown!


Placerville & Dixon Office Manager, Treatment Coordinator

Zaira Placerville & Dixon Office Manager, Treatment Coordinator

Hi! I’m Zaira! I manage our Placerville and Dixon locations. I also work as a treatment coordinator. As office manager, it’s important for me to make sure your visit runs as smoothly as possible and that you enjoy your experience in our office! As a treatment coordinator I get to help new patients during their first visit with our team. I get to educate patients about their specific treatment plans, help coordinate insurance benefits, and assist patients in making financial arrangements that fit within their family’s budget. My favorite part of my job is patient interaction! Our patient family is so diverse; it is so fun getting to know families and patients while they are in the office. I enjoy having the tools to help them and make their orthodontic experience as pleasant as possible. As I am fluent in Spanish, I enjoy being able to help our patients and parents who speak Spanish feel at ease and comfortable when starting and going through treatment. It is so exciting to see how patients progress and to see their great smiles at the end of treatment. I enjoy cooking, (attempts at) baking, and being outdoors. Day hikes and trips are my favorite thing to do on any weekend. Although I am not a sports enthusiast, I am a sports fan and love going to soccer, baseball, and football games. I’m also a proud Tia (Auntie) to my darling niece and nephew, Luna and Jonah.

Julie Z.

Elk Grove Office Manager

Julie Z. Elk Grove Office Manager

Hi, I'm Julie! I manage our Elk Grove location! As an office manager, it is my job to ensure that your visit with us runs smoothly and that you enjoy your experience with our team! I also get to work at our front desk in Rancho Cordova and help with scheduling. One of the things I enjoy most about my job is getting to know our patients! The best part of my job is being able to witness our patient's smile transformation; seeing how happy patients are with their new smiles and the newly gained confidence makes my day! Our patient family is so interesting and I especially enjoy the diversity of patients we see on a day-to-day basis. I was raised in a Ukrainian family and can fluently speak Russian and Ukrainian. I have a degree in Business and Healthcare Administration and I love that I get to use my degree every day. In my free time, I work with my church youth group and I love it, especially working with teenagers. I have had an opportunity to travel abroad to do volunteer work and teach English. I love trying new foods and exploring new places. I hope to continue traveling and seeing more of the world.


Clinical Coordinator

Baigalmaa Clinical Coordinator

My name is Baigalmaa! I work as our team clinical coordinator across all locations. This means I get to help the orthodontists manage their workflow and assist each of our clinical team members at being their best. In 2020, during my dental assisting schooling I got the opportunity to join this amazing team after my externship. I have always had a passion for orthodontics and I have loved every opportunity to grow and do more. Dr. Sanders and the entire staff have been a joy to learn from. One of the most rewarding parts of my job is the happiness and appreciation our patients give us for what we do. We enjoy making people more confident in themselves and helping them achieve better bite function and a beautiful smile. Away from the office I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. My husband and I have been married for 13 years and we have a son and a daughter who make our lives brighter and joyful. We love traveling and learning new cultures!


Financial Coordinator

Bri Financial Coordinator

Hi, I’m Bri! I started working for Sunrise Orthodontics in 2021. I started out as a scheduling coordinator, transitioned into our call center, and currently serve as our team Financial Coordinator. My job entails helping our patient families maximize their private insurance benefits, coming up with affordable payment plans, and anything and everything financial related. I also assist our call center team with various tasks. While fairly new to the dental field, I did have braces in the past so I was familiar with the process when I began working here. My favorite part of the job is celebrating the new smiles everyone worked so hard for! My team is so kind and fun to work with, we all work together to make each other’s jobs flow and it's honestly amazing. I have 2 cats, Prince and Torty - a black cat and tortoiseshell cat with lots of Tortitude. I also love to travel and go to concerts; I've seen around 40-50 different artists in concert and can't wait to get back out there to another show. I have an awesome collection of records and funko pops, and I love to craft and do a lot of DIY projects.


Orthodontic Assistant/Inventory Coordinator

BrianaOrthodontic Assistant/Inventory Coordinator

Hi! I’m Brianna! I started out as a sterilization tech on the team and have since transitioned to being an orthodontic assistant! I also help the team with ordering our dental supplies and keeping track of our inventory. My favorite thing about working at Sunrise Orthodontics is the way everyone works as a team. Everyone is so positive and helpful. It truly makes working here a huge plus. Outside of work, I enjoy spending my time with my lovely little family; my son Kaiden and boyfriend Anthony. We enjoy anything from watching movies together to going on walks to get ice cream.


Scheduling / Treatment Coordinator

BrianaOrthodontic Assistant/Inventory Coordinator

Hola! I’m Issa! I have been in several roles on the team since I started working here in 2019. I currently work as a Treatment Coordinator (TC) and Scheduling Coordinator. As a TC, I love getting to meet new people that come in for consultations and helping them obtain their dream smiles! I also speak Spanish fluently, so I love helping our Spanish-speaking patients in their native language to help make them more comfortable. I feel very blessed to work here. Having the opportunity to work for Dr. Sanders is incredible because I'm getting to know so many people, and I’m able to witness changes through their treatment, which is something really unique. I enjoy celebrating with each of them when they have their braces removed; those smiles are priceless!!! Dr. Sanders and all the staff are amazing people; they make me feel part of this family; it really is a happy place When I'm not at work, I am with my husband and my son. We are from El Salvador, so it’s been fun getting to learn a new culture!!! We love to spend our time meeting new people, trying new foods, and exploring new places. We are super coffee lovers, so finding good coffee shops is a must on our weekends.


Scheduling Coordinator

MaryScheduling Coordinator

Howdy! I’m Mary. I started working here as a Scheduling Coordinator in March of 2022. As a member of the front office team, I get to greet our patients, answer any questions they may have, and help them with scheduling their next visit! Although I am new to the dental field, I am very excited to learn and grow with such an amazing team of professionals. My favorite part about my job is getting to know our patients and seeing their transformation when they complete treatment! Nothing is better than seeing someone gain more confidence after achieving their new smile, and I think it’s really special that we get to be a part of that journey. I love working on this team because everyone has been so kind and welcoming to me since I’ve started working here. Everyone genuinely cares about one another and we always find a way to make the day a little extra fun! In my spare time, I enjoy watching movies, participating in escape rooms and trying new local restaurants. I can also play the flute and have the cutest pet cat named Cleo.


Russian / English Scheduling Coordinator

MonicaRussian / English Scheduling Coordinator

Working in the front office, I get to greet all of the wonderful patients that come in, help them schedule, and answer any questions or concerns. I also get to help new patients calling to schedule their consultation with questions and verification of insurance benefits to assure the transition is as easy as possible. As a fluent Russian speaker, I love that I get to help our Russian speaking patients and their families in their native language whenever needed. The most wonderful part of my job is being in an environment that is so encouraging, cheerful and hardworking! Dr. Sanders and the team try their hardest to bring the best quality of treatment, and our patients are truly a ray of sunshine that makes me excited to come back every day! My favorite activities on summer days is going to the lake on a paddle board or inflatable island with a group of friends. I love road trips and traveling, especially when it's spontaneous! During rainy days, I enjoy opening all the doors and windows and curling up in three blankets with a good book to read, a fun educational podcast to listen to or an old TV show to re-watch with my husband, Richard.


Registered Dental Assistant / Spanish Interpreter

VeronicaRegistered Dental Assistant / Spanish Interpreter

My family moved from Guadalajara, Mexico to California in 2016. Originally, I was born in San Francisco but moved to Guadalajara to complete my education and formal training as a foreign dentist. Since calling California home, I am blessed to have found a job where the work atmosphere is awesome. There are a lot of patients here who provide me the opportunity to practice orthodontics, which I love. These are a few of the things that make me smile and I hope to share with my patients. The two most important people in my life are my baby daughter and my husband. On weekends, I look forward to long walks with my daughter and soaking in the moments I see her laugh and grow. Some of my favorite things include Chinese food, R & B music, and watching the show “Friends.” Una sonrisa es única. Sonríe siempre.


Call Center Representative

Cynthia Call Center Representative

Hello, I am Cynthia! I work in our call center and also help as a scheduling coordinator here at Sunrise Ortho. My job entails scheduling appointments, answering phones, and helping the financial team. I am fluent in Spanish so I’m able to help many of our customers in that native language as well. I started working here in February 2022, and it is also the first time I have been exposed to the dental field. My favorite part of my job is watching the transformations of all of our patients. There’s something so satisfying about seeing before and after shots of everyone. I love working here because everyone is so welcoming from the moment they take you in. Whether you are a patient, or a new team member everyone is very warm and welcoming. I absolutely enjoy learning from the Doctors, and find that I will take those skills with me wherever I go. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family, and my pack! I have three small dogs, and one large dog. On the weekends you might find me hiking (with my dogs of course), gardening, painting, or going to a live show. I hope one day to be a successful full-time artist.
Jon silly


Call Center Representative

JonCall Center Representative

Hi, I’m Jon! I assist patients in English and Spanish with any questions in regards about their treatment, appointments or financial matters. My goal overall is to make sure every person has a positive and stress-free experience during their time with us. New to the dental field in 2022 I have already learned so much! It’s so hard to narrow it down, but if I had to choose the best part of my job, it’s definitely the interactions with our patients and seeing their incredible smiles. The joy on their face when they see their brand-new smile is the best feeling! It makes coming to work every day fulfilling and rewarding. I like working here because each day is a new experience; and I learn something new. Our entire team makes everyday a lot of fun. Is it really work when you’re enjoying what you do? I spend most of my free time with my better half Erika and our 3 dogs Itachi, Myla, and Lulu. I’m definitely a homebody. I love watching movies, anime, sports, listening to music (especially my vinyl records) and working on my vintage clothing/antique business called Anita’s Attic, which is named after my late grandmother. When I do decide to step out of my little cave, I love going to the beach, concerts, or any sporting event lol. I also like trying different local coffee shops, restaurants, and love getting lost in different cities and countries I visit; as I always say “Explore, Meet New People, Enjoy Right Now!”


Call Center Representative

MalinaCall Center Representative

Hi! I'm Malina and I started on the team as an orthodontic assistant in the back office. I loved being able to provide patients with excellent care and assisting the doctors, but my spouse was recently transferred for work, so now I work remotely as a call center representative. It has been so fun to still be a part of this team and learn a totally different set of tasks. I still get to help patients, but now I assist with answering phones, appointment scheduling, insurance billing, and helping our financial team run things smoothly. My favorite part about my job is being a part of the journey for our patients to be proud and confident in their smile. Our team has been very welcoming and helpful, I love learning from them all. I am a mama and a military wife. If I can find some free time, I enjoy painting on canvas, drawing and watching Law and Order: SVU. I love working in my community and previously have been a part of multiple nonprofits involving feeding and clothing our community members experiencing homelessness, providing resources and mentorship to young and single mothers, as well as in a school district creating engagement projects for our youth.


Orthodontic Assistant

BuyanzayaOrthodontic Assistant

Hi! I'm Buyanzaya, but you can call me Zaya for short! I was hired as an orthodontic assistant in 2022. I help prepare patients for treatment and assist the orthodontists. I started my career in dentistry in 2012 and actually received my degree in dentistry in Mongolia. I love working here because everyday I get to learn new skills and everyone is so friendly and they make me feel welcomed. I have two kids, a boy and a girl, and my husband is a sushi chef at Mikuni! I also love to crochet and do pretty much any other craft! Can't wait to meet you!


Orthodontic Assistant

CaitlinOrthodontic Assistant

Hi, I'm Caitlin and I work as an orthodontic assistant! My job entails providing chair-side assistance to the orthodontist(s) and ensuring that patients are well-informed about orthodontic procedures, how to properly care for their braces, retainers and Invisalign. I began working at this office in late 2021; I started work in the dental field in pediatric dentistry as a dental assistant for a year, then made the switch to orthodontics. My favorite part about being an orthodontic assistant is that I get to help create smiles that boost patients confidence and self-esteem. I feel so lucky that I get to work with this fun and energetic team! Everyday I’m still so amazed at how knowledgeable and caring the doctors and the team are. A little bit about myself, I have 2 children who will soon start their orthodontic journey and I’m so excited! When I’m not at work I enjoy hiking, camping, dirt bike riding, going to live shows and traveling.


Orthodontic Assistant

Daisy Orthodontic Assistant

As an orthodontic assistant, I get to help our patients and orthodontists at each of their appointments, as well as educate patients on their treatment. I started working at an orthodontic office in 2014 for about 5 years, and then my family moved to Sacramento. I worked for a few months at a general office, and then I joined this team in 2020. My favorite part about my job would be that I get to witness the difference, progress, and process of our patient's treatment. I love that there is such a welcoming and loving team and teamwork here at Sunrise Orthodontics. I definitely enjoy being at work. Outside of work, I love that my 2 siblings and I (I'm the oldest) are so spontaneous. Taking road trips is so much fun; usually, they start out of the blue, and most of the time are spontaneous. I don't have any children yet, but I have a fur baby; Boots is a mini schnauzer, and love cuddles, and I don't mind at all. My favorite activities are cooking, baking, and any outdoor activities, especially going to the beach. Giving back to my local community is so rewarding and fun; Christmas is my favorite community event I like to volunteer at; it's a great feeling seeing smiles on the young kiddos.


Orthodontic Assistant

GladysOrthodontic Assistant

My job is to assist the doctors and to help patients throughout their orthodontic treatment. I have worked as a dental assistant for about a year, but this is my first job working in orthodontics. My favorite part about this job has been seeing the progress all the patients make throughout their journeys. I have also enjoyed learning from the doctors and the other assistants. Everyone in the office is so helpful and wants to push you to succeed. In my free time, I like going out and seeing/trying new places and finding things to do since I recently moved to the area. I also try and go back home some weekends to see my two puppies Coco and Churro (and my parents and sisters of course). I also like shopping, beauty, vacationing, and movies/tv shows and could talk for hours about any of those.


Orthodontic Assistant

Loreana Orthodontic Assistant

Hi, I am Loreana! I am so happy to be a part of the Sunrise Orthodontics team as an orthodontic assistant. Most of the time you will see me working chair-side helping our patients and orthodontists. This is my first job in the dental field, and my favorite part of it is getting to know all our patients, and seeing everyone become even more confident and happy with their smile. It all started out in 2015 when I was a patient at Sunrise Orthodontics. I always felt so great and welcomed coming to my appointments, that I ended up going from patient family to work family. Our team is so caring, welcoming and always ready to help which makes our job even more enjoyable. I have a brother and two sisters; we are all so close and I love them all so much! Outside of work, I spend most of my time with my family. We love going on trips, but we also really enjoy just spending our days at our home cooking lots of food and spending time together. I have an amazing boyfriend named Ross who has made Washington State feel like my second home. I can’t wait to meet you at your next appointment!


Orthodontic Assistant

Stephany Orthodontic Assistant

I started working here in 2020 as a sterilization technician and have since transition to be an orthodontic assistant! I love it so much! I have been learning so much about orthodontic assisting which has allowed me to be a great help to the team and our patients. I also love working in our lab when I get the chance. I have fun making retainers! I love working with the doctors and the rest of the team because everyone is so supportive and nice to me and they push me to achieve things I didn't think I could! Everyone in the office feels like family to me since we're together for most of the day! Outside of work I love to be active and visit new places. I love hiking, fishing, kayaking, swimming, biking, long walks, and when it's snowing I love going to the mountains to go sledding. I also have a store on Etsy and Instagram where I sell customized cups I enjoy making in my spare time. If I'm not doing any of these things you can catch me binging on Netflix shows.


Orthodontic Assistant

YasminOrthodontic Assistant

Hi my name is Yasmin! I am a registered dental assistant here at Sunrise Orthodontics. My job is to educate patients at each and every appointment after helping assist doctor chair side! I began working at this office May of 2022, and I began in the dental field early 2021. I graduated from Carrington College from the RDA program. My favorite part of my job is the beautiful, satisfying smiles everyone leaves with at the end of treatment. It feels good to know I helped with someone’s confidence. Here at Sunrise Orthodontics, we have an amazing team, the doctors are happy to educate all of us and they aren’t afraid to have a little fun. All of the assistants never fail to want to help one another. When I’m not working in office. I enjoy a good book with a cup of coffee. Or I’m outside enjoying nature, moving my body under the sun!

Julie C.

Lab and Sterilization Tech

Julie C.Lab and Sterilization Tech

Hi! I’m Julie. I spend most of my days in the lab hard at work making retainers and appliances. New to the industry, I started working for Sunrise Ortho in 2022. While I don’t have in-classroom dental experience, I spent my entire life being very involved in my dad’s career as a dental technician. I guess you can say I learned through experience, and it seems to run in the family! I’ve grown to really enjoy making appliances, especially when I think about the fact that I am making a difference in patients’ smiles and lives. I also have some “neat freak” tendencies so it’s been fun to keep all of my lab equipment organized and ensure everything runs smoothly. I love our team! Everyone is kind, friendly, and hilarious, and makes coming to work so much fun. In my free time, I’m usually spending time with my sisters and friends. We’re all pretty laid back and we love traveling together, going camping, paddle boarding, hiking, and playing sports like Spike ball and pickle ball. When I’m by myself, I usually read and create art on my iPad.